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Reading challenge #5: A book with a one word title

Warpaint, Alicia Foster

I was given Warpaint for Christmas (by a friend whose recommendations have made me fall in love with such books as The Selected Works of T S Spivet and The Art of Fielding and who therefore is always to be trusted). I then got distracted partway because, as we’ve previously established, I am an idiot.

Warpaint is about British artists in World War Two, women managed by the War Artists’ Advisory Committee, tasked to represent the “right” thing, and the struggles they face in their work and in their personal lives, in a world where people disappear without trace, where people aren’t always what they seem, where a bomb could drop at any moment and take everything away. As I almost always do, I enjoyed reading about women in this period – a period of history that was never far away when I was at school, yet somehow always seemed (as ever!) to miss out the women. I liked having a mystery to figure out, and the fact that some of the characters are fictionalised versions of real people, such as Dame Laura Knight, really brought it to life.

An enjoyable, clever read, with a different take on a familiar subject.

Other categories that Warpaint fits into: a mystery or thriller, a book a friend recommended, a book by an author you’ve never read before


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