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Book challenge #20: A popular author’s first book

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, J K Rowling

This is by no means the first time that I’ve read Harry Potter, but it’s the first time in a looong time that I’ve read this one: my copy was lent to a friend of my mum’s, never to be seen again. I put off buying a new copy, because how likely was I to read it, really? But then the perfect excuse fell into my lap: the new editions, with gorgeous cover art, and some additional content in the back pages, which was originally on Pottermore. So I picked up a copy in Foyles last Saturday, on the #bookshopcrawl, and dug in over the weekend.

Like many bookish people my age, I grew up on Harry Potter. I was given the first two for Christmas, and put off reading them for months because they were about a boy, and that didn’t interest me. But then I heard people talking about them, and wondered if I should maybe give it a go. Then I got impatient and refused to read The Order of the Phoenix for a while, because I’d had to wait longer than I felt necessary, but I caved. I never went to midnight releases, or even got them within a week of publication, but I loved them all the same. And, as Emma Thompson’s character says in Love Actually, true love lasts a lifetime.

I read it on the train to and from Frome, in Somerset, visiting a friend, though frankly the countryside is so beautiful that I didn’t get through nearly as much of it as I had expected:

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And then, as I work in a school and today was the first real day of my summer break, I decided to make the most of it, and spend the day in the garden and finish it. I had forgotten how much happens in the first novel, and I’m looking forward to re-reading the rest for the first time in several years. Harry broke me out of yet another reading rut – I think this is my solution those: children’s books, or Nancy Mitford. What a shame.

So I’m delighted that I gave in, because it’s prompted me to fall back into something that I love. Hurrah!

In other exciting news, I found out today that I have won a Books Are My Bag bundle for my #bookshopcrawl selfies. I can’t wait to tuck into that. Many thanks to the BAMB team for running an excellent day!

Other categories that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone fits into: a book that became a movie, a book with non-human characters, a funny book, a book by a female author, a mystery or thriller, a book you can finish in a day, a book from your childhood, a book set in high school, a book with magic, a book set during Christmas, a banned book


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