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Summer reads!

I have suddenly got a lot of summer reading.

I bought four books for myself on the #bookshopcrawl, and then I won a bundle of six more. I got a book for my birthday, and I need to pop back to Dulwich Books to use my book token for I Am Radar. So that’s twelve. Ten and a half if you knock off what I’ve already read.

I also work in a very well-stocked school library, so I brought home some books for the summer holidays:


Some of these are for my mum, but I’ve only read one of them (Boy, Snow, Bird) and would definitely read every single one of these. This was the reduced summer reading pile, too, because it’s difficult not to get overexcited. I had a seriously achey shoulder after carrying this lot home.

AND THEN there’s all of these, which I already own and have been meaning to read, and hoped to get cracking on over the summer. Only then I got sidetracked:

All of the non-fiction ones are pretty hefty, but I’m honestly looking forward to reading them all. Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest is incredible, I just need to read it properly: everything I’ve lifted from occasional skim-reads and flick-throughs, I’ve applied to my life and had excellent results. I have read a bit of all of them, but I am just terrible at non-fiction. The fiction is a good range, of gifts and recommendations mostly, which for some reason I haven’t picked up right away. At least some of this is due to the fact that my bookshelves are in a cupboard with a door, so I don’t see them all the time and remember to read them. There’s also the fact that some of them are quite big, so impractical to carry around – I do most of my reading on public transport or in other places that are not my house, so I like my books to be portable. But also there’s the simple fact that I am easily sidetracked, by new books and by the library and also by films and telly and cooking and so on.

So here is my record. I’ve got seven and a half weeks left of summer, including a weekend camping with friends, two weeks away with my family and a week of catsitting. Obviously I’ll never get through all of these, and the new books, but I am going to try super hard not to accidentally acquire any more, or to get back to work in September and bring home another enormous stack. Because while it’s lovely to get new books, and to get sidetracked, I also really do want to read these. And the summer break is the ideal time to start. So I’m going to make the most of the weather, settle down in my garden, and get cracking.



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