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Independent Bookshop Week 2015: #giveabook

While IBW 2015 was almost two months ago, life got in the way somewhat of my #giveabook project. But it is finally complete, and was a definite success.

During the #bookshopcrawl, I bought two books for my nephew. He’s 7 years old, smart and inquisitive and imaginative, and he’s always liked the books I’ve given him before (often, I confess, with suggestions from more knowledgeable friends, but I am always up for crowdsourcing).

IMG_5919      IMG_5914

The joke book, I bought in the National Theatre bookshop. When he first learnt about swearing, he used to say “bonk” instead of Bad Words, and all small children should have a joke book, so this was perfect. Star Cat, I bought at Dulwich Books, when, after telling Chloe that “he likes space, and robots, and his cat”, she produced something that, amazingly, fits all three.

They’ve been sitting in my cupboard, waiting until I got to see him, since then. And yesterday, we went over to theirs for a barbecue (side note: I drove there, in my parents’ much-bigger-than-my-little-thing car, which was stressful but an achievement) so I gave them to him. We’d not been there five minutes and he was curled up in a chair, reading Star Cat. We couldn’t get a word out of him until he’d finished it.

Displaying IMG_6716.JPG

If that’s not what #giveabook is about, then I don’t know what is.


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