2015 reading challenge, Books

Book challenge #28: A book by an author under 30

Vivian Versus The Apocalypse, Katie Coyle

Vivian Apple never believed in the Church of America – unlike her fanatical parents. As for the so-called impending ‘Rapture’, she knew she’d believe that when she saw it. But then Vivian wakes one day to a New World, and all that’s left of her parents are two empty spaces. The Believers have been taken, it seems. And for those left behind, the world is a desolate and eerie place. All Vivian has now are her memories and her volatile friend Harp. 

Faced with society on the brink of collapse, Vivian and Harp embark on a journey across America, in search of any family they have left, and determined to expose the truth about the Rapture. Three thousand miles through floors, fog and heat waves, Harp and Vivian and a boy with the bluest eyes and the kindest heart and driving on to their future.

But will this be a coming-of-age road trip with no return?

I picked this up in the accidental Foyles haul I mentioned in my post about Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen, but I first saw it back in October, when I was looking for books to take with me to Costa Rica. I can’t remember why I didn’t buy it then, but I’m glad I finally caught up. Without being too predictable, it reminded me of Station ElevenNot just in that it deals with the end of the world as we know it, with an abrupt and horrible event, but the prose, the slow reveal, the strange ways that the new world unfolds. I was hooked, and read it in under 24 hours. It’s clever, and it drew me in. I liked the characters and I understood them, and I missed them when it ended. The plot unfolds without being too obvious, but also without being too dense and impenetrable. It very nearly made me cry.

Watch the author, Katie Coyle, talk about it here:

Other categories that Vivian Versus The Apocalypse fits into: a book by a female author, a mystery or thriller, a book set in a different country,  a book based entirely on its cover, a book you can finish in a day, a book with a love triangle, a book set in the future, a book set in high school, a book by an author you’ve never read before


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