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Summer reads update

Somehow, even with making a list of my summer reads, I managed to fail spectacularly at sticking to it:

  • Of the ones I brought home from school, I only read one of them (How To Be Bad) – though I did start another one and decided I wasn’t keen on it. I might try it again when I’m in a better head space, but it was not the time. In fact, I need to return this stack to school. Mum read Black Dove, White Raven and really enjoyed it so I’ll hang onto that – or, more likely, return it and take it out again – and is partway through Boy, Snow, Bird, which I’ve read before, and there are a few that she looked at but didn’t fancy.


  • Of the books I already own and identified in that post back in July, I did not read a single one. I am terrible.
  • Of the books I won for my #bookshopcrawl selfies, I’ve only read The Apple Tart Of Hope so far.
  • I’ve done pretty well on my #bookshopcrawl books, though! I read Other Girl on holiday, and have passed it on to my friend’s little sister; read The Ecliptic on holiday, too, and keep thinking about it; read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone while visiting a friend, and it’s sparked a re-read (I’m now on The Goblet of Fire); and I’m partway through Her Brilliant Career. I also took the map on holiday and only got a little bit lost; gave my nephew his #giveabook books. Success all round, there!


But I’ve also done some excellent cooking, thanks to Nigella, embarked on a Harry Potter re-read, thought about roadtrips and the end of the world, and learnt about the horrors suffered by children in some Irish institutions. Now, I’m reading Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, which was recommended to me by a friend for comfort purposes, and I’m really enjoying it.

So, while I would like to be able to say that I stuck at it, and be able to tick those off, I’ve enjoyed the spontaneity I afforded myself with my reading (and, to be honest, also buying), which has definitely had an impact on my enjoyment. Hooray!


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