My excellent friend Megan is compiling an anthology in memory of her mum, who passed away recently, and she wants YOUR submissions.

Megan Holland

To raise money for St Luke’s Hospice, we’re looking for submissions from a number of gallant, creative and talented writers to be part of an anthology to be launched this Christmas.

Last year I worked closely with designer and illustrator, Daniel Thompson, to create a short story called The Coalman. With support from agency, Holden & Sons, we raised £600 for Manchester homeless charity, Barnabus (click here to take a look). 

This year we want to take a bigger step, and do something even more ambitious.

This October, I sadly lost my mum to cancer. There aren’t really words to describe how amazing my mum was, but to summarise: she was the best. Towards the end of her life, she was moved to St Luke’s Hospice, where we received a level of care that made me feel like she was safe for the first time since her diagnosis. The hospice and…

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