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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I feel a bit funny about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (is it cursed or cursèd? I have been thinking the latter but maybe it’s not). As I’ve said before, I love Harry Potter. It’s my safe place, where I go to hide when things are tough. I’ve been continuing my reread in the bath and on occasional lazy afternoons – I’m about halfway through The Goblet of Fire at the moment. In December, I’m making my second trip to the studio tour and I am so excited I might pop. Here are some pictures from last time, when Lauren and I panicked and decided we had to go before I went away to Italy, in case it closed. HA.

Hopefully this time I won’t have a massive sense of humour failure, related to being absolutely knackered (we couldn’t sleep because we were excited, and then Lauren woke me up really early because she was excited). I will have an early night and wear my comfiest shoes and be very brave.
So I was delighted when it was first announced that J K Rowling was working on a new project. When we heard it would be a play, I was a little unsure about it. It’s one thing to adapt a work to the stage: I recently saw the National Theatre’s production of Jane Eyre (twice), and it was incredible – it’s running until early January, and will be broadcast to cinemas from the 8th of December, and I really recommend you see it if you get the chance. But to create a new work for a different format is an entirely different thing, especially as Harry Potter has never been (officially) adapted for the stage before. But I remained hopeful, and waited for further developments.

Then it was announced that it would be a sequel, and I got worried that it would be an extension of the epilogue. I have a lot of feelings about the epilogue. I don’t like the fast-forward-and-they-all-lived-happily-ever-after, when the rest of the series followed so many of us as we grew up. I – along with pretty much everyone else – hate the names of almost every child, but it’s more than that. The epilogue is so happily-ever-after that I can’t see there being much of interest happening – but presumably some child will be cursed etc etc. I would’ve been so so so into a Marauders-era prequel, but I find the idea of a sequel when the final book ended so, well, finally, a bit… meh. Either there will be a whole new villain – which seems like a strange thing to do – or there won’t be the same kind of peril as there is in the books. I’m really concerned about that.

Then we heard that it would not be one play, but two! That just doesn’t seem fair. Sure, after previews the cheapest price for both parts is £30, but some of those will be restricted view, and the cheapest seats always go fastest. Besides which, going to the theatre two nights running – or for a whole day – if you live in London is alright, but anyone travelling to see it is going to be looking at a pricey trip. It just doesn’t seem fair. It bothers me, too, that they’ve disregarded the format: if I go to a play, I want to go to a play. I don’t want to go to half of a play, and then come back the next night for the rest of it.

None of this is to say that I’m not going, but I am also only going because someone got me a ticket. I will reserve judgement until I’ve seen it, but I have Serious Misgivings. I just hope that I’m proven wrong.


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