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Adventure: Edinburgh!


A couple of weeks ago, Lauren and I went to Edinburgh, to see a musical which we could have seen in Chichester.

But we didn’t see it in Chichester, for several reasons, and were a bit sad about it, so when the combination of Anna-Jane Casey and Edinburgh – a city we’d been wanting to go to for ages but never managed – proved irresistible, we booked train tickets and a hotel and off we went.

We stayed at Motel One Edinburgh-Royal, and it was lovely. We had a beautiful view, the room was comfortable and, crucially for us, it was centrally located so that we could go back for a sit-down partway through our day – we did this when we went to Amsterdam last year and it was a great success, so we’re carrying it on. It means that we can get up and out, and do lots, safe in the knowledge that we won’t have to soldier through until bedtime before being able to have a rest.

We had a big map, with colour-coded stickers and a corresponding set of lists in a green notebook (which is now the holiday notebook), and a guide book, and planning took us quite some time and was very satisfying. With so much to see and do, it helped us to avoid being overwhelmed (and end up doing nothing!) and to optimise our time. I wrote everything we did, in the notebook – it’s nice to look back and see what we did, and it’ll also be helpful on our next trip – all weekend we kept saying “next time we come we’ll do [x]” – we both loved the city. Here’s everything we did:

I’m really glad that we went, and for the reason that we did – Mack And Mabel was wonderful, the theatre (the Edinburgh Playhouse) was beautiful, Michael Ball was great (we were both a bit worried because, you know, Michael Ball), Anna-Jane Casey was all-round marvellous and did a version of Tap Your Troubles Away that was as fun as this one, and it was generally an excellent show. I’m also relieved that we went that weekend – it was cold, but sunny and clear and beautiful, whereas my mum went with some friends the following weekend and it poured with rain. I’m glad that we planned our trip, but with room to be a bit spontaneous – it’s a good mix that works well for us. I look forward to our next adventure, and to our return to Edinburgh.

Lauren sadly seems to have lost her SD card that had most of her photos on, but here are some of mine:

I love holidays.


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