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Reading challenge update!


There’s only two and a half weeks left of 2015, and I’ve read 35 of the 50 books for the Popsugar reading challenge that I’ve been doing this year. Whoops. Here are the ones I’ve yet to do:

  • A book with a number in the title
  • A book of short stories
  • A Pulitzer Prize-winning book
  • A book your Mum loves
  • A book that scares you
  • A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t
  • A book that came out the year you were born
  • A trilogy
  • A book set in the future
  • A graphic novel
  • A book that was originally written in a different language
  • A book written by an author with your same initials
  • A play
  • A banned book
  • A book based on or turned into a TV show

I could have ticked off several of these if I’d allowed myself to have more than one category for each book, but that’s alright. I’ve also read 9 books that didn’t fit any of my remaining categories, and this adds up to 44 so far – more books this year than I think I’ve ever read in a year before. Not bad considering that I didn’t finish a book at all until February.

I’m not fussed that I won’t finish it. While it would have been nice to complete it, just for the satisfaction, I’m pleased with what I’ve managed. I’ve read some books that I wouldn’t have read otherwise – Dead Star Island was sent to me as a review copy, with the suggestion that I use it for “a book based entirely on its cover”, and that also led to me receiving a review copy of The Sins of the Mother.  It has also helped me to think more in-depth about the books I’m reading, how I feel about them and how similar they are to one another, and led me to challenge my habits a bit.

So I’ll be leaving this challenge behind on New Year’s Eve, however far through it I manage to get, and I will be starting the new Popsugar challenge. It’s got some interesting categories, which I will definitely have to think about – “a book that’s under 150 pages” could be tricky, as could “a book with more than 600 pages”. “A book recommended by a family member” will be a real struggle, because I am the one who does the recommending, but I’m sure I’ll find something!

I’m looking forward to the challenge, and to using it to further diversify and challenge my reading habits!


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