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Shakespeare Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Books Are My Bag contacted me and asked whether I would like one of the tote bags for their newest campaign, with a picture attached. I was, as always, DELIGHTED.

The campaign in question is Shakespeare Saturday, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of his death, on Saturday 23rd April. Whoever came up with The Bard Is My Bag deserves a medal at the very least. And I bloody love the sunglasses. Bookshops all over the country are participating: check here to see which is your closest! As we know, I have always been a bit scared of Shakespeare, but I love how much people love him, and I always hope that some of that enthusiasm will rub off on me.

I’m also really quite looking forward to confusing some more people with this latest bag. I have had amazing conversations with people all over the place, wanting to know what they’re all about. My Grayson Perry one has probably sparked the most interest, though my mum has one of the Tracey Emin ones (she was my date for the 2014 BAMB launch party) and her friend was so delighted with it that I gave her my one. I also use my BAMB mug at work, and have BAMB bunting up around the library, so various people have asked about it (usually with a vaguely baffled expression), and I love telling them. This is sure to raise some eyebrows!



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