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The Man In Seat 61 – Mark Smith


This isn’t a cover-to-cover sort of read, but a very useful reference book. Lauren and I are going interrailing this summer, and The Man In Seat Sixty-One’s website has come up a lot in our research. After finishing my last book on Tuesday afternoon, I had a look at the bookshelves in the house I’m catsitting in, and noticed this. It’s the 2010 edition, but it was still really useful to be able to get an idea how likely we will be to have to pay extra fees on our journeys, and to see some recommended routes. It’s got handy tables and charts, where to look for extra information, and all sorts of other brilliant information that we might not necessarily have thought to look for.

Unfortunately it’s not available for┬áKindle – backpacking means taking as little with us as possible, and this is far too big a book to justify taking, but an ebook would have been really handy. However, it won’t be difficult to take notes from the relevant pages, so it’s not the end of the world!


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