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Spinster Rambling Club: an update

Last week, I posted about the walking club I’d decided to set up. Sunday was our first trip out, and it was a resounding success. There were a couple of little wobbles – Katie had to grapple with train cancellations, Cornelia, Lauren and I were late because of, first, buses, and, second, an incident with some juice which will soon see me attacking my car with washing-up liquid – but other than that, it went very well indeed.

Last month, my Nan had her hip re-replaced at Epsom hospital, so we spent quite a lot of time going to and fro over Epsom Downs to visit her. On one of those trips, Mum and I had a picnic by the racecourse, and I suggested that this would be a great place for our first walk. A lot of walks around the area are pretty long, but I found this AA one which was about five miles and looked good. It turns out the directions weren’t amazing, and the map leaves something to be desired, but we only had one little detour. We found a lovely tree in the corner of a field to have lunch under, and a pub to stop at for a lemonade on a picnic bench, and an ice cream van at the end.

There were seven of us, plus Winston the dog, who we borrowed for the day. Nobody got sunburnt, despite being outside all day and highs of 26 degrees, nobody seemed to have sore feet, and we mostly managed to stay hydrated. We also had a lot of laughs, and good conversations. It was also incredibly beautiful and peaceful, and I think it did all of us a lot of good.

I’m proud of this little thing that I’ve made, and I’m excited to watch it grow. We’re already plotting for the next one, and hopefully more people will be able to come. I hope people start to bring people along with them (being a spinster is not actually compulsory), and I hope everyone enjoys future walks just as much. I’m also planning to make the walks longer after the summer, once we’re all used to it. Hooray!


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