Adventures, Interrailing 2016

An extra big adventure: it’s time to go!


Today’s the day! After seven months of planning (and the five years that we’ve been thinking about it), it’s finally time for me and Lauren to go interrailing! We have a very detailed shared OneNote document, and a very detailed shared GoogleDrive Map, we have insurance, we have backpacks, I have a bumbag, and a selfie stick, we are ready!

We’ve treated ourselves to an airport hotel before a pretty early flight to Berlin tomorrow morning – it was either that or get up at the crack of dawn and deal with public transport which, no. It would’ve been more to take a cab, so it’s all good. But also our flight is too early to make the most of the breakfast that is included in our room rate, which is a pain.

We’re in Berlin for three nights, including my birthday, until Tuesday 12th. Our plans include: going up the dome of the Reichstag, which is supposed to be pretty cool; going to so so many museums; lots of art; and eating currywurst.

Next stop is Prague, where we’ll be until Friday 15th. Our plans include: this creepy-ass sculpture of Kafka’s head; a fancy library; a museum of historical toilets; some cool bridges; and beer (for me, but Lauren doesn’t like it).

We’ll be in Vienna until Monday 18th. Our plans include: palaces; St Stephen’s cathedral; the snowglobe museum; strudel; and saying “wiener” a LOT. Because we are very mature grownups.

From Vienna, we’re going down one of the 14 most scenic train lines in Europe, apparently, towards Ljubljana. To be honest, I don’t think we’ll be having a bad time looking at the scenery anyway, so I expect this will be pretty damn good. We’re only spending two nights in Ljubljana, because we had to choose somewhere to spend less time in. Our plans include: as many of the 12 museums as we can fit in; bridges; looking at the ski jump; and eating a horse burger at Hot Horse, because you have to try the local food. And Lauren watched a video about it.

Then we’ll be in Zagreb from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd. Our plans include: the Museum of Broken Relationships, which we saw on tour in Amsterdam and really liked; a mushroom museum (???); the technical museum; and swimming in a lake or two.

Finally, we’ll be taking a long train journey up to Budapest, where we will stay until Tuesday 26th. We’ve both wanted to go to Budapest for ages, and everyone says it’s wonderful. Our plans include: St Stephen’s basilica; a walking tour; Castle Hill; and at least one (at least) baths.

From Budapest, we’re flying home. I’ve got three days, during which I have an osteopath appointment, my brother’s graduation (ahhh!!!) and, hopefully, a trip to see Ghostbusters, before going to northern Scotland with my family. Lots of holiday fun!

AHHHHHH!!!! Adventure! Let’s go!


2 thoughts on “An extra big adventure: it’s time to go!”

  1. It seems like your plans mostly involves visiting religious buildings named after St Stephen. It’s a shame I didn’t know you when I lived in converted St Stephen’s Church.


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