Today’s the day! After seven months of planning (and the five years that we’ve been thinking about it), it’s finally time for me and Lauren to go interrailing! We have a very detailed shared OneNote document, and a very detailed shared GoogleDrive Map, we have insurance, we have backpacks, I have a bumbag, and a selfie stick, we are ready!

We’ve treated ourselves to an airport hotel before a pretty early flight to Berlin tomorrow morning – it was either that or get up at the crack of dawn and deal with public transport which, no. It would’ve been more to take a cab, so it’s all good. But also our flight is too early to make the most of the breakfast that is included in our room rate, which is a pain.

We’re in Berlin for three nights, including my birthday, until Tuesday 12th. Our plans include: going up the dome of the Reichstag, which is supposed to be pretty cool; going to so so many museums; lots of art; and eating currywurst.

Next stop is Prague, where we’ll be until Friday 15th. Our plans include: this creepy-ass sculpture of Kafka’s head; a fancy library; a museum of historical toilets; some cool bridges; and beer (for me, but Lauren doesn’t like it).

We’ll be in Vienna until Monday 18th. Our plans include: palaces; St Stephen’s cathedral; the snowglobe museum; strudel; and saying “wiener” a LOT. Because we are very mature grownups.

From Vienna, we’re going down one of the 14 most scenic train lines in Europe, apparently, towards Ljubljana. To be honest, I don’t think we’ll be having a bad time looking at the scenery anyway, so I expect this will be pretty damn good. We’re only spending two nights in Ljubljana, because we had to choose somewhere to spend less time in. Our plans include: as many of the 12 museums as we can fit in; bridges; looking at the ski jump; and eating a horse burger at Hot Horse, because you have to try the local food. And Lauren watched a video about it.

Then we’ll be in Zagreb from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd. Our plans include: the Museum of Broken Relationships, which we saw on tour in Amsterdam and really liked; a mushroom museum (???); the technical museum; and swimming in a lake or two.

Finally, we’ll be taking a long train journey up to Budapest, where we will stay until Tuesday 26th. We’ve both wanted to go to Budapest for ages, and everyone says it’s wonderful. Our plans include: St Stephen’s basilica; a walking tour; Castle Hill; and at least one (at least) baths.

From Budapest, we’re flying home. I’ve got three days, during which I have an osteopath appointment, my brother’s graduation (ahhh!!!) and, hopefully, a trip to see Ghostbusters, before going to northern Scotland with my family. Lots of holiday fun!

AHHHHHH!!!! Adventure! Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “An extra big adventure: it’s time to go!

  1. It seems like your plans mostly involves visiting religious buildings named after St Stephen. It’s a shame I didn’t know you when I lived in converted St Stephen’s Church.


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