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An extra big adventure: Berlin

We’ve been in Berlin since Saturday and we have been incredibly busy! We’ve walked miles (very tired feet) and seen a huge amount.

We got a MuseumPass for 24€, valid for three consecutive days. It was definitely worth it, as we would have spent 51€ on entry fees. We went to: Bode Museum, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Jewish Museum, Neue Museum, St Nikolai church.

The Bode Museum was good, though I got too close to a painting and set an alarm off, whoops – lots of religious art there, and a glorious building. We went to the Hamburger Bahnhof art museum to see a Cate Blanchett film project called Manifesto, by Julian Rosefeldt, which was long but very cleverly done and effective. We also enjoyed the Carl Andre exhibition, which we were a bit confused by but loved by the end – he seems to have so much fun making his work and we certainly had fun seeing it. We visited the Jewish Museum, which was really interesting and also had some really moving artworks. We went to the Neue Museum to see Nefertiti – good grief she was gorgeous – and some tombs. We really enjoyed the Nikolai church, which had a great audio guide and was really peaceful and beautiful.

We also climbed the Reichstag dome, which is free but has to be booked in advance. It’s definitely well worth doing – the audio guide is very informative, the views are incredible, and there is an interesting exhibition of photographs of the building’s history. We visited the Sinti and Roma memorial, and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – both are calm and thought-provoking, and impossible to ignore, not just little plaques like so many memorials. We visited the Topography of Terror on Sunday afternoon, but had to come back to finish on Monday morning because it was so hot and we had done a lot already. This was a good choice because it meant we could really pay attention to it: there is a lot to read and take in, and it really doesn’t hold back.

As well as all the culture, we also ate some great foods. We had currywurst twice, and it was very different each time. Lauren had cheese dumplings and I had goulash, which were both great. We had chicken schnitzel sandwiches – I never would have thought to do that but they were amazing. This evening, Lauren had meatloaf that was like a hotdog but square, and I had a pork knuckle with sauerkraut which was glorious but so huge. We also had extreme ice cream that we couldn’t finish, and stopped for apple cake and cherry cake. We’ve done pretty well!

I’ve really enjoyed our time in Berlin. I’m glad we’ve seen and done so much, and I would definitely like to come back to see some more.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Prague!

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