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An extra big adventure: Prague

We went from Berlin to Prague, where we stayed until this morning.

The train was very very hot, but the journey was beautiful. Prague was much cooler than Berlin, and we were grateful for it (until it was too chilly and we had to buy warmer clothes).

We did tours of Prague Castle and the Klementinum, as well as a boat tour, and we walked around a lot so we saw all the major things – the Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, the Dancing House, a creepyass sculpture of Kafka’s head… It rained a lot so we spent an evening indoors, but we still managed to see a lot. The city centre is much less sprawling than Berlin so we didn’t walk so much, though still plenty!

We ate a lot of sausages and dumplings, and I had my second goulash of the trip. We also had excellent crisps (why don’t we have these flavours at home?!), and went to a vegan restaurant because we were in such desperate need of vegetables. Chimney cakes were an excellent breakfast, too.

Our hostel was very central, and our roommates were mostly nice – a very friendly Macedonian guy, and some hilarious English boys who have just finished their a-levels. One girl, though, kept us awake until 1.30am because she started packing at 11pm… The joys of communal living!

I liked Prague, and would love to see more of it on a future trip. It was quite restful (roommate aside) which we needed after our busy time in Berlin.

Now we are on a train to Vienna! The countryside is beautiful and the train is comfortable and has decent wifi. Hooray!

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