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An extra big adventure: Vienna

Vienna is gorgeous. As Lauren said, they really know how to build stuff. Everything is very big and very impressive.

Google doesn’t seem to like the u-bahn in Vienna, so made us take a bus to our hostel for no reason at all. The driver was scary. But we survived, and checked in, and shortly after we arrived and had sat down to plan our stay, two of our roommates came back – an older Indian couple. They were very nice, but very chatty, so we didn’t get any planning done. We decided to go out and explore, and they offered to lend us their tickets for the tourbus, which was very kind! We then headed off into town, and got on the red route of the tour. It’s well worth doing, as it meant we got our bearings and saw things we wouldn’t have found on our own. Later on, we went for burritos (at Gorilla Kitchen), and watched an open air screening of a film called Blue Moon in a park by a beautiful church.


The next day, we visited a cemetery to see the graves of Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert and Mozart, then headed back into town to eat schnitzel (not with noodles though), and went to the Globe Museum, which is really interesting. We then went to Café Central for strudel, and a decent cup of tea, and it was gorgeous in every way. We walked from there to the river to get a closer look at an Art Deco building we had seen from the bus, then went home for an early night.


On our last day, we got morning icecream from Tichy (very close to our hostel), visited St Stephens Cathedral, and went to the Belvedere, to see Klimt (they have a replica of The Kiss for selfies!) and Ai Wei Wei (who has a piece in the lake about refugees which is very clever and I liked a lot). We ended up getting lovely greasy duck noodles from a stand by the Volksgarden and sitting in the park for a while, enjoying the sunshine, which was lovely, before heading to Hotel Sacher for sachertorte (which cost more than our lunch and was worth it). We watched Shrek in bed in the evening and had an early night, because our train this morning was at 8.25 – it’s a long way!


Vienna is very spendy, so we took measures to save as much as possible:

  • attempt to shorten our stay in Vienna in exchange for an extra night in Ljubljana, but try too late so we weren’t allowed
  • befriend roommates and get a free bus tour
  • find a free open air film festival, and sit outside in the cold watching a rather odd but funny film in German while eating a burrito
  • be really bad at having lunch at a decent time, then have a huge lunch quite late and end up not needing dinner. Twice. Bonus points if one of those is noodles that cost less than 5€
  • also, have late afternoon fancy cake and you definitely won’t need dinner
  • get a travelcard – considering how expensive pretty much everything else there is, it is under 17€ for 72hours
  • fill up water bottles from taps – there are water fountains around the city, and the tap water in our hostel was good too
  • refuse to pay to go to the toilet, and hold it into you’re somewhere you can wee for free

Now we are on a train to Villach, where we will change to go to Ljubljana. The whole journey has been incredibly beautiful so far.

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