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An extra big adventure: Ljubljana

We’re leaving Ljubljana later today for Zagreb. It’s been an absolute delight.

We arrived at half past two on Monday afternoon, after a glorious journey across Austria, and stepped off the train into blazing sunshine. As Lauren said, it felt like we had arrived on holiday! Slovenia is incredibly beautiful, and Ljubljana is small. It’s been so different being here from the other cities we’ve visited, and what a treat! We checked into our hostel then headed out for a wander, and icecream, and to marvel at how beautiful the whole place is. After a while, we walked up to the Tivoli Park, and Hot Horse for a horse burger, which Lauren had seen on a Damon & Jo vlog. We were not disappointed – the burgers are huge and delicious, with loads of toppings, and the guys working there were so cheerful and friendly. We got caught in the rain on the way there which was less good, though. Then we walked some more in Tivoli Park, before heading back to the hostel to sit downstairs and listen to a guy playing mostly Oasis songs (the wifi didn’t reach our room).

On Tuesday, we went to Lake Bled. We were a bit too late for the 11am bus so got breakfast (two pastries, one with spinach and one with jam, both beautiful), and waited for the midday one. A lovely man, despite speaking no English and me speaking no Slovenian, saw us looking confused at the bus station toilet and took us to a free one in the train station, with lots of smiling. What a good egg! The bus journey was gorgeous, it was great to have a chance to see the landscape at a slower pace. Lake Bled is extraordinary. Picture perfect, clean as anything. The public swimming area cost 6€ for the afternoon, which was great (I pay as much for my favourite London swimming pool). The water was chilly at first but we got used to it, and spent a good two hours floating around, laughing at boys in boats and being delighted at ducks and scared of a swan, before lying on the grass drying off and catching the sun (I caught it a little bit too much, because I fell asleep, whoops), then I took another dip (just as chilly!). It was a glorious day. We caught the bus back and got an enormous and beautiful amount of pasta for dinner, and strolled for a bit eating icecream. Glorious.

Now we’re sitting in a park, waiting for it to be lunchtime, listening to some teenagers playing ukulele and singing, and Lauren is playing Pokemon. The teenagers are now singing the Pokemon theme tune. We got interviewed for Slovenian TV about Pokemon (mostly Lauren, because I was reading not Pokemon-ing). This is all most excellent.

I definitely want to come back here. It’s a beautiful city in a beautiful country, and everyone we’ve met has been lovely. I have high hopes for Croatia next!

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