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Wishful Drinking – Carrie Fisher


“So now, will you come on a journey with me? We’re going to start at death, but then we’re going to double back and go all the way through an emergency room (where they know me), through Watergate, back through Vietnam to birth. My birth.”

It’s been a while, but the new school year has started and life is back to normal, which means it’s time for me to catch up on everything I read over the summer holidays. First up, Carrie Fisher’s memoir, Wishful Drinking, which I read in Berlin.

Having not read anything on my kindle in ages, I needed to stock up for our holiday. I spent a small fortune and promised myself I would save them all for the trip, when I wouldn’t have other options. I couldn’t wait to read Stella Duffy’s Calendar Girl, and read it in May, but I managed to wait bravely for the rest.

Our plane hadn’t even taken off on the way to Berlin before I opened Wishful Drinking, and I read most of it on the flight. Carrie Fisher is a delight. She’s very self aware and intelligent, and is always brilliant in interviews (of which there have been a lot since the new Star Wars film came out, and I am grateful). Her book is a companion to a live show she toured, and it shows. It’s very easy to read, made me laugh out loud several times (a bit awkward on a plane, but I soldiered on), but also very insightful about her experiences of mental illness and addiction, as well as the weirdness of growing up in a celebrity family. It’s thoughtful, funny without being silly, and sad in places. All in all, well balanced and extremely good. I just wish I had seen the show!

And, to finish, one of my favourite pictures of Carrie. What a babe.



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