Mr. Chicken can’t wait another minute, so he finishes his breakfast, collects his camera and flies to London. He wants to see everything. Join Mr Chicken and let him show you his favourite city in the world.

A little while ago, I looked after my friend’s son for the afternoon – I’d only met him once or twice before, but we got on like a house on fire. He is totally brilliant, kind and funny and whip-smart, and we had a hilarious if odd time (I had never seen In The Night Garden and it is a trip, good grief). At bedtime, he wanted me to read a book to him, and chose Mr Chicken Lands On London. With the voices. I suck at voices, but he was very kind, and told me that I was doing okay. The book is fantastic – Mr Chicken is grumpy-looking, well-connected, and keen to fit as much into his short visit to London as possible. Including a nap, I think. He’s got solid priorities. The art is beautiful, too. It’s an all-round excellent book, and I was delighted to get to read it with my small pal.

2016 BookRiot Reading Challenge: read a book out loud to someone else

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