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A Child Of Books – Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston, and Books Are My Bag


Another year, another Books Are My Bag campaign to mark Super Thursday, the biggest single day of new book releases. This year, BAMB have teamed up with Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, whose new picture book, A Child Of Books, perfectly captures everything that lots of us love about books. BAMB sent me a copy, and it is breathtakingly beautiful – it’s so simple, and clever, and a joy to behold. Oliver Jeffers’ previous work includes The Day The Crayons Quit which is one of my favourite children’s books, so it’s unsurprising that I enjoyed this so much.

I wasn’t always a bookish child – my mum likes to tell of how she tried to teach me to read, but I was having none of it. I flatly refused. Then I went to school and realised that, actually, it’s pretty great. This is a theme: when she tried to get me to learn to cook, and learn to drive, I wasn’t interested – it was only as I discovered them for myself that I saw what she was getting at… I should maybe learn to listen. ANYWAY. Once I learnt to read, it was nigh on impossible to get me to stop – I had a glow in the dark torch and desperately wished it would give off enough light to read by so I wouldn’t get caught reading after bedtime. The books that made me a child of books, though, I’m not sure about. I remember loving Dick King Smith’s Sophie stories – Sophie lived my dream and had lots of pets and a pony and such. Pretty much anything with ponies, or any animals, actually, was my jam. I loved Black Beauty, and White Fang, and wasn’t particularly interested in Harry Potter until someone told me it was good. I read all sorts from the library – though my local library was not the inspiring stuff of other people’s childhoods – and the battered books in my classrooms. What made me a child of books was simply having books to hand.

BAMB also sent me one of their new tote bags: designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, it’s extremely classy and beautiful, and I might even break my backpacks-for-work rule for a few days so I can represent BAMB during the week’s campaign. The bags are always such good quality and I can always trust them to carry as much stuff as I can fit in them.


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