The Other World, It Whispers – Stephanie Victoire


From the secrets of the forest, to the magic of the sea, this debut collection of nine stories tell what happens when passion, desire, loneliness and imprisonment lead us on a search for freedom and empowerment – no matter what the cost.

I was sent an advance copy of this by Salt Publishing, ahead of its release next month – it was a lovely surprise for an afternoon! It’s a collection of short stories, quite unsettling spooky ones, all of them about magic to some degree. Some of them, I enjoyed more than others, but that’s true of any collection of stories. I loved the The Cemetery Pilgrimage, about a lonely man who makes a bargain in exchange for genius, and goes on a journey around Paris by night – having lived in Paris, I’ve got a soft spot for good stories about it, and this is definitely one of them. I also really liked The Earth-Bound Express, which takes place on a train where people go between incarnations, and The Bouquet Witch, about broken hearts and revenge. These are the kinds of stories that linger, and I’m sure I’ll return to them time and again.

The Other World, It Whispers is published on 15th November 2016, by Salt Publishing.


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