A perfect Sunday

It’s been a busy few months. Every weekend, one of us has been away, or I’ve had work, or my brother has had ice hockey which means everyone but me is busy, or some combination of the above. It feels like we’ve barely spent any time together in ages. So when we woke up to a crisp, cold, bright morning, it was clearly the perfect time to go for a walk.

We thought that a shortish one would be best, and not too far from home, so settled on Chartwell. We followed this route, which is well marked right the way along from Westerham to Chartwell and back again – the problem with doing it that way around is that it’s uphill an awful lot of the way back, but it was lovely. The frost didn’t melt from a lot of the ground all day, and the fallen leaves crunched underfoot. Where we walked through the trees, it was quiet and peaceful and the sky was bright. We saw a lot of robins. We stopped at Chartwell itself to use the toilets, rest a bit, and wander round the shop – we ended up buying quite a few things, because Christmas, and I wondered how much of the National Trust’s income is from biscuits and jam. We sat on a bench for a while and had stollen and hot chocolate from a flask, which mum had had the forsight to bring along (good job, too, because the cafe was heaving).

When we were on our way home, Lauren text me to tell me that School Of Rock was going to be on the telly, and I had to watch it. She’s been trying to get me to watch it for ages, and she’s right, it’s a joy. We had roast beef (with cauliflower cheese, which is very luxury) and stewed rhubarb, and watched Miracle On 34th Street next (the Richard Attenborough one), then Planet Earth II. It was quiet and restful and lovely, and just what we needed as we get towards the end of a busy term and a busy year.


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