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Bombshells: Enlisted – DC Comics

When Chloe gave me this for Christmas, she told me it was loads of fun, and set in WW2, and extremely queer. She knows what she’s about, that one. When I was ill over the holidays, I kept setting up camp in the front room and trying to read, but failing to concentrate. So it took me quite a while to finish this, but I really enjoyed it, and it was the perfect end to my day yesterday to just curl up in bed and read the last twenty pages. A pretty good start to my year of reading, I think!

Bombshells starts with Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, with other characters making appearances, too, set during World War Two and in lots of different places. All the leads are women (which, as we know, I love), and it is very queer and very exciting and heaps of fun. I loved it. I read a review on Goodreads saying that it was confusing without already knowing the stories of the characters, but I disagree: I know absolutely nothing but I wasn’t confused at all. I loved the pace of it, and all the twists and turns. I didn’t grow up reading comics, and still don’t read many, but I’ve been reading more of them in the last couple of years and I’m finally getting better at taking everything in rather than just reading the words. But with Bombshells it would be impossible to do anything but: it’s gorgeous, so colourful and detailed and bright and beautiful. It’s an absolute delight from start to finish, and I’m really looking forward to reading the next one – so much so, I’m already plotting when I can go and buy it.


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