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The Double Shadow – Sally Gardner

“You’re going to think me crazy. I want to make a memory machine. I believe it’s possible. Everyone is capable of time travel for a minute or so by running up and down the scales of their memories. But what if you could capture those memories like a film? Then they could be played again in the four dimensions of space.”
“I see what you’re driving at. A place where time wouldn’t have the same hold over us.”

I brought this home from work because someone returned it and said she’d enjoyed it. I then raced through it for a couple of days before having a busy weekend, and had to leave it behind when I went to Scotland because I would have finished it before I even arrived. Coming home and finishing it was a delight.

Set before and during WW2, it’s about Amaryllis, her father, the memory machine he’s built, the picture palace in the grounds of their house, a boy called Ezra, and a whole lot of mystery. It’s the perfect blend of family intrigue, conspiracy and threat with romance and poignancy woven through, and it was so much fun to read. Crucially, the ending did not disappoint me at all. I really enjoyed it.


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