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Garlic, Mint & Sweet Basil – Jean-Claude Izzo


Have no fear: an excess of basil, like an excess of love, will not damage the heart. Continue reading “Garlic, Mint & Sweet Basil – Jean-Claude Izzo”

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A Child Of Books – Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston, and Books Are My Bag


Another year, another Books Are My Bag campaign to mark Super Thursday, the biggest single day of new book releases. This year, BAMB have teamed up with Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, whose new picture book, A Child Of Books, perfectly captures everything that lots of us love about books. BAMB sent me a copy, and it is breathtakingly beautiful – it’s so simple, and clever, and a joy to behold. Oliver Jeffers’ previous work includes The Day The Crayons Quit which is one of my favourite children’s books, so it’s unsurprising that I enjoyed this so much. Continue reading “A Child Of Books – Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston, and Books Are My Bag”

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#bookshopcrawl, Pride, and my coming out anniversary

Saturday 25th June was the third annual independent bookshop crawl, to celebrate the 10th Independent Booksellers Week. I’ve taken part in both of the previous bookshop crawls (2014, 2015), and had a great time. However, it did make choosing bookshops rather tricky, so we didn’t just go to the same ones as usual. So when Saturday came around, I put on my most stripes (the dress had pockets, the necklace is cool, and I had painted the bisexual pride flag on my nails specially for Pride), prepared a route, and headed off into the sunshine.


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Independent Bookshop Week 18th-25th June

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Independent Bookshop Week kicks off this Saturday, and it’s their 10th birthday, so there’s lots going on! Have a look here to see where your nearest independent bookshop is, and find out how they’re celebrating! Continue reading “Independent Bookshop Week 18th-25th June”

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Shakespeare Saturday, in which I took the Bard for a muddy walk, and he nearly got eaten by a goose


On Saturday, which was Shakespeare Saturday, I had plans for pizza and Star Wars with Chloe in the afternoon, so I couldn’t go to any bookshops for Events. But in the morning, I had no plans, so my mum asked me to go and buy some bread for lunch. We have a few supermarkets near us, and they’re all very quick to get to by car, but I thought a walk would do me good, so I set off across the park to Tescos. When I stopped at one point to watch the swallows, a woman asked me about my bag, so I told her all about Books Are My Bag and Shakespeare Saturday. Then I put it down to take a photo and this goose was very very interested indeed. Continue reading “Shakespeare Saturday, in which I took the Bard for a muddy walk, and he nearly got eaten by a goose”

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Shakespeare Saturday is almost here!

This Saturday, 23rd April 2016, is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Books Are My Bag are running a lovely campaign to celebrate the Bard, featuring their latest excellent tote bag (mine has elicited many odd looks). Check here for your nearest participating bookshop – there’s a map, and a search feature specifically for Shakespeare Saturday events.

I’ve put up a bunch of posters and banners around the school library where I work – with any luck, the banners between the shelves will make it easier for the countless pupils who ask where the Shakespeare books are…

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A Song For Ella Grey – David Almond


This was another of the books that I got in my book bundle after the Bookshop Crawl last July, and it won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award in November. It’s a retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus, and it’s set in Tyneside. Despite having dated a classicist, and done a GCSE in Latin (it was distance learning, I got an E, we played Pictionary in class, it wasn’t my finest hour, but I do know that ‘Caecilius in horto est’), my knowledge of classical myths is… patchy. Continue reading “A Song For Ella Grey – David Almond”

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Shakespeare Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Books Are My Bag contacted me and asked whether I would like one of the tote bags for their newest campaign, with a picture attached. I was, as always, DELIGHTED. Continue reading “Shakespeare Saturday”