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Putting my French degree to good use


I went to university in Paris, which, amongst other things – you know, strolls along the Seine, visiting museums (though never the one I lived opposite for a year), getting double-decker trains – involved a lot of trips to boulangeries and patisseries. Before I learnt to cook properly, and, afterwards, when time was short or I felt lazy, a lot of my meals involved a baguette, and no picnic in a park or by the river or canal was complete without one.

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Pickling onions like my grandad


My grandad was brilliant. He had a big round belly, and he gave amazing cuddles, and he was warm and funny and kind. He was a total wind-up, and I believed everything he told me. He was wonderful. He died when I was almost 9, on a Thursday in May, in front of Ready, Steady, Cook. Sometimes I am near men on the train who smell like him, and it’s still like a punch in the stomach. Continue reading “Pickling onions like my grandad”

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Garlic, Mint & Sweet Basil – Jean-Claude Izzo


Have no fear: an excess of basil, like an excess of love, will not damage the heart. Continue reading “Garlic, Mint & Sweet Basil – Jean-Claude Izzo”

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Burns Night, or, Any Excuse For Haggis

As you may remember, Lauren and I went to Edinburgh in November. We had a bloody lovely time, and it was a bit of an awakening for Lauren, who had never had haggis before, so had to try it for The Life Of Trying and ended up having it three times in two days (breakfast, breakfast, lunch). Continue reading “Burns Night, or, Any Excuse For Haggis”

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My cookbook problem

(which is really the opposite of a problem except that I’m running out of room!)


I’m writing this from my bed, under a shelf which holds my stereo speakers, three French milk bottles, a cinnamon candle, a pink spaceman, and thirty-four cookery books. Continue reading “My cookbook problem”