What I’m really thinking: the childless friend – a response to a trash article

I read an article on the Guardian website which has made me absolutely furious.  I can’t stop thinking about it, even though it’s been a few weeks.  I wasn’t surprised to be so angry, I expected it, but I also expected that anger to pass.  It hasn’t.  The article, What I’m really thinking: the childless friend, is all about how annoying it is to hear about a friend’s problems as a parent.  I’m not going to link to it, because I think it’s trash, but it’s not hard to find. Continue reading “What I’m really thinking: the childless friend – a response to a trash article”


2016 in review

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with three of my friends to set fire to 2016. In the garden, under the full moon, with candles. We each wrote down what we want to leave behind in 2016, and what we welcome for 2017, then we read them out to one another and set fire to them. It was cleansing and very good to focus our attention on something tangible, rather than howling at the horrors of the year (though that is also valid and important). Now, as the sun sets on New Year’s Eve, I wish I could say I’m feeling cheerful and ready for the year to come, but I’ve got a disgusting cold and have had to cancel my plans, as I’m unlikely to be awake at midnight. My impulse is to try to counter that with relentless positivity, but even I can’t manage that on its own, so I’m trying to look at the year in balance. Continue reading “2016 in review”

Street harassment, and silence

This week at school, we had a talk from Laura Bates, who runs everydaysexism.com. She was asked in to talk to our year 11 boys, and some other students and quite a few members of staff went along, too. She was fascinating, clear and generally brilliant, answering questions in detail and, crucially, not falling for the boys’ attempts to wrongfoot her. It led to some encouraging and interesting conversations with colleagues, and hopefully amongst the students, and I left work feeling empowered and positive that we could bring about change.

Fifteen minutes later, as I approached the train station, a man in the street reached for my arm, wanting to ask me about my hair. I skittered around him and carried on my way, like I have done a thousand times before. I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t upset. He didn’t even actually touch me. It was nothing.

Except that it isn’t. Continue reading “Street harassment, and silence”

I was asked to write a guest review!

Remember my post about Stella Duffy’s Calendar Girl ? Well, it did pretty well, and Craig Sisterson, who runs Crime Watch: Investigating Crime From A Kiwi Perspective – a fantastic blog with a focus on authors from New Zealand – asked me to write a piece.

I had a ball writing it, and I put a different spin on it than my original post. I’m very pleased with it, so if you want to have a read, you can find it here.



My beautiful beautiful arms, or, someone made me do Pilates and I’m very grateful

It’s nine o’clock on a Monday night, and I’m lying face down on my bed, groaning. My armpits ache. If I try to move, my abs complain and the muscles between my ribs feel like they might just give up entirely. Doing stairs earlier involved a lot of wobbling. This isn’t what I expected when, two years ago, my osteopath marched me to a poster and showed me which Pilates class I needed to sign up for. Continue reading “My beautiful beautiful arms, or, someone made me do Pilates and I’m very grateful”



I’ve just signed up to Bloglovin!

Lauren has been using it for ages, but I didn’t really know what it was. Turns out, it’s a pretty easy way to follow the blogs you love across platforms, without having to check each one in turn, and you get an email when one updates!

I’m really excited about getting to grips with this new (…to me, anyway) platform, and finding loads of new and exciting blogs to follow. I hope you’ll join me over there!

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I’ve been in another reading fug, but luckily I really like Star Wars

For a person who loves to read, I sure do get reading blocks often. Sometimes, I’m just not enjoying what I’m reading. This happens most when I feel like I ought to read something – because it was a gift, or I’ve borrowed it, or it’s a recommendation I’m not convinced about. But other times, I really am enjoying it, but rarely pick it up. It’s disheartening, and baffling. At times like this, I’ll wander from book to book until I find one that snaps me out of it. Recently, I’ve abandoned three books partway through: Continue reading “I’ve been in another reading fug, but luckily I really like Star Wars”