Adventures, Interrailing 2016

An extra big adventure: Vienna

Vienna is gorgeous. As Lauren said, they really know how to build stuff. Everything is very big and very impressive.

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Adventures, Interrailing 2016

An extra big adventure: it’s time to go!


Today’s the day! After seven months of planning (and the five years that we’ve been thinking about it), it’s finally time for me and Lauren to go interrailing! We have a very detailed shared OneNote document, and a very detailed shared GoogleDrive Map, we have insurance, we have backpacks, I have a bumbag, and a selfie stick, we are ready! Continue reading “An extra big adventure: it’s time to go!”


A Winter Walk


Many of my family memories are of going on walks, but, what with my brother being away at uni, and me working some Saturdays, we don’t go on as many as we used to, except when we’re on holiday, so we took the opportunity of the post-Christmas bank holiday to go for a walk in London.

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Book challenge #22: A book set in a different country

I return! Over a month since my last post, oops. I’ve been pretty busy, visiting friends, camping, and spending two weeks in the Peak District with my family. I have, though, also finished five books in that time. First, The Jungle Book.

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