Alice in Wonderland – The British Library

A few weeks ago, I met up with some friends to go to the Alice In Wonderland exhibition at the British Library. Despite having lived in London most of my life, and working in a library for over three years, I’d never actually been into the British Library before: I’d been to a talk about women and regional diversity in media, and I went to an Amanda Palmer gig there, but as those were both in the auditorium, I don’t feel like they really count as actual visits… So I was very pleased to finally go! Continue reading “Alice in Wonderland – The British Library”

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Summer reads!

I have suddenly got a lot of summer reading.

I bought four books for myself on the #bookshopcrawl, and then I won a bundle of six more. I got a book for my birthday, and I need to pop back to Dulwich Books to use my book token for I Am Radar. So that’s twelve. Ten and a half if you knock off what I’ve already read.

I also work in a very well-stocked school library, so I brought home some books for the summer holidays:


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