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State Of Wonder – Ann Patchett

About two years ago, someone told me I should read State Of Wonder. I can’t remember why, but I think a few people had all read it around the same time, and were talking about it. It was shortlisted for the Orange Prize in 2012, as well as others. So I bought a secondhand copy, put it on my shelf and forgot about it, largely because I was completely uninspired by the cover, if I’m honest. A few months later, I needed books to take with me to Costa Rica, so packed it (along with Amy And Roger’s Epic Detour, which I read all in one go on my flight to Miami, and cried so much that the woman next to me was quite concerned), and promised my friend that I would leave it with her. I regretted that as soon as I finished it. Continue reading “State Of Wonder – Ann Patchett”