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Friendship – Emily Gould

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Friendship, Emily Gould

I rescued this from a friend when she was having a bit of a book clear-out a couple of months ago, because a) the cover was pretty and b) there was a quote from Chad Harbach on the front saying how much he liked it. And as The Art Of Fielding is absolutely incredible, I figured he was probably right. I picked it up from my toe-read pile on a day when I knew I’d be spending a lot of time on trains and waiting around. It led to me being on the Bakerloo line, surrounded by men on their way to the rugby, telling one of them that he needed to read it so that he would “learn how to get friends mate” and so on. Continue reading “Friendship – Emily Gould”

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Independent Bookshop Week 2015: #giveabook

While IBW 2015 was almost two months ago, life got in the way somewhat of my #giveabook project. But it is finally complete, and was a definite success.

During the #bookshopcrawl, I bought two books for my nephew. He’s 7 years old, smart and inquisitive and imaginative, and he’s always liked the books I’ve given him before (often, I confess, with suggestions from more knowledgeable friends, but I am always up for crowdsourcing). Continue reading “Independent Bookshop Week 2015: #giveabook”

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#bookshopcrawl 2015!


As you may have noticed, from my excitement, or from twitter, or from elsewhere, today was the #bookshopcrawl. Some people have done it on other days during Independent Bookshops Week, but most people have done it today. Our plans this year kept changing because of various commitments, until a fairly large group became just two of us. And it was lovely! Last year, Lauren and I visited ten shops. This year, a much hotter day and with a much less robust plan, Emma and I managed six. Continue reading “#bookshopcrawl 2015!”