Postcards From The Edge – Carrie Fisher


I’m still firmly in the denial stage of grief when it comes to Carrie Fisher. After Star Wars being present but mostly insignificant for most of my life, it grew from casual interest to deep love when The Force Awakens came out. And then Carrie Fisher was everywhere. She was amazing. Every interview, every appearance, every story about her was a gift. What a woman. Continue reading “Postcards From The Edge – Carrie Fisher”

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Wishful Drinking – Carrie Fisher


“So now, will you come on a journey with me? We’re going to start at death, but then we’re going to double back and go all the way through an emergency room (where they know me), through Watergate, back through Vietnam to birth. My birth.”
Continue reading “Wishful Drinking – Carrie Fisher”

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I’ve been in another reading fug, but luckily I really like Star Wars

For a person who loves to read, I sure do get reading blocks often. Sometimes, I’m just not enjoying what I’m reading. This happens most when I feel like I ought to read something – because it was a gift, or I’ve borrowed it, or it’s a recommendation I’m not convinced about. But other times, I really am enjoying it, but rarely pick it up. It’s disheartening, and baffling. At times like this, I’ll wander from book to book until I find one that snaps me out of it. Recently, I’ve abandoned three books partway through: Continue reading “I’ve been in another reading fug, but luckily I really like Star Wars”


Star Wars: Shattered Empire

I wasn’t really that into Star Wars. I saw the newer films at the cinema with my dad and brother, and Star Wars: Battlefront on Xbox was a staple, and I am the proud owner of some Star Wars print leggings which my mum absolutely hates, but I wouldn’t have called myself a fan as such. Then the trailer for the new film came out, and I cried. I was more eager to see it than my dad or my brother were, and I cried four times during it. I loved it. Continue reading “Star Wars: Shattered Empire”