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An extra big adventure: it’s time to go!


Today’s the day! After seven months of planning (and the five years that we’ve been thinking about it), it’s finally time for me and Lauren to go interrailing! We have a very detailed shared OneNote document, and a very detailed shared GoogleDrive Map, we have insurance, we have backpacks, I have a bumbag, and a selfie stick, we are ready! Continue reading “An extra big adventure: it’s time to go!”

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Spinster Rambling Club: an update

Last week, I posted about the walking club I’d decided to set up. Sunday was our first trip out, and it was a resounding success. There were a couple of little wobbles – Katie had to grapple with train cancellations, Cornelia, Lauren and I were late because of, first, buses, and, second, an incident with some juice which will soon see me attacking my car with washing-up liquid – but other than that, it went very well indeed. Continue reading “Spinster Rambling Club: an update”

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Summer reads!

I have suddenly got a lot of summer reading.

I bought four books for myself on the #bookshopcrawl, and then I won a bundle of six more. I got a book for my birthday, and I need to pop back to Dulwich Books to use my book token for I Am Radar. So that’s twelve. Ten and a half if you knock off what I’ve already read.

I also work in a very well-stocked school library, so I brought home some books for the summer holidays:


Continue reading “Summer reads!”

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Book challenge #15: A book that became a movie

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The Ruby In The Smoke, Philip Pullman

Earlier this week, my girlfriend and I were discussing Sally Lockhart. I got sad that I had lent The Ruby In The Smoke and the other one of the quartet that I owned (I can’t remember which, as I got the other two out of the library more than once, and it was years ago, but The Ruby In The Smoke was my favourite) to someone when I was 11 or 12. I loved those books. Sally Lockhart was what I wanted to be when I grew up. Continue reading “Book challenge #15: A book that became a movie”