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Book challenge #21: A book you can finish in a day

The Apple Tart Of Hope, Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

“Hope is never destructive,” I said. “Hope is the thing that keeps you going.” I really meant it. You need hope as surely as you need to breathe air and drink water. Without it every one of us might as well fling ourselves off the pier into the murky sea below.

This was one of the books in my BAMB bundle, and I took it away with me for the weekend, as an alternative to Her Brilliant Career, which I am also reading, in case I needed something lighter. So I ended up reading it all yesterday, and I loved it. Continue reading “Book challenge #21: A book you can finish in a day”

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I won a book bundle for my #bookshopcrawl selfies!

As well as a competition for the best blog or video about the #bookshopcrawl – which was won by Lauren Whitehead (watch her video here, it’s lovely) – Books Are My Bag also awarded prizes for the best selfies on the day: me, and Jenny! Continue reading “I won a book bundle for my #bookshopcrawl selfies!”