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A theatre review, by me!


I reviewed A Curmudgeon’s Guide To Christmas Round Robin Letters for The LGBTQ Arts Review last week. I really enjoyed the play (letters! lesbians! audience participation in a good way! hats! a small cry!), the venue is fantastic, and I felt all Christmassy and wonderful afterwards.

Read my review and get yourself a ticket – it’s on until 23rd December at the Hope Theatre in Islington.

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The Night Watch at the Royal Exchange Theatre

When I heard, earlier this year, that the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester would be staging my favourite Sarah Waters novel (so far, at least – I haven’t read Affinity or The Little Stranger yet), I was delighted. Then I remembered that my mum really liked it, too, so we eventually got round to booking tickets for a Saturday matinee, and planned a daytrip to see it.  Continue reading “The Night Watch at the Royal Exchange Theatre”


The Threepenny Opera at the National Theatre

Yet another National Theatre production that I knew nothing about before seeing it, and what a delight! Also, yet another surprise musical! This says a lot about me, probably.  Continue reading “The Threepenny Opera at the National Theatre”

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The Pitmen Painters – Oldham Coliseum

I’ve just spent a wonderful weekend in Manchester, visiting my friend, Megan. We planned a quiet time of mostly nothing, but it didn’t quite turn out like that. I sprained my ankle on Wednesday, but we still managed to walk two dogs (Megan has recently signed up to BorrowMyDoggy), cook lots of Chinese food, eat an amazing roast, and see a play. Continue reading “The Pitmen Painters – Oldham Coliseum”

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The National Theatre’s Entry Pass scheme offers £5 tickets – for every performance of every production – to people aged 16-25. This means that I have seen a lot there. It also means that I have seen a lot there while knowing very little about it beforehand, because £5 and a couple of hours of my time is a very low risk indeed. Continue reading “ at the National Theatre”

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King And Country: Shakespeare’s Great Cycle of Kings – Barbican

Last week, Lauren emailed me and asked whether I wanted to “see a whole load of Shakespeare” – four plays, on three consecutive days, for £20. Of course, I said yes please, and looked it up.

The RSC is concluding its residency at the Barbican with King And Country: Shakespeare’s Great Cycle of Kings, to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The cycle we saw began with Richard II on Tuesday 12th January, followed by Henry IV Part I on the 13th, Henry IV Part II as a matinee performance on the 14th and ended with Henry V that evening. Continue reading “King And Country: Shakespeare’s Great Cycle of Kings – Barbican”

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I feel a bit funny about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (is it cursed or cursèd? I have been thinking the latter but maybe it’s not). As I’ve said before, I love Harry Potter. It’s my safe place, where I go to hide when things are tough. I’ve been continuing my reread in the bath and on occasional lazy afternoons – I’m about halfway through The Goblet of Fire at the moment. In December, I’m making my second trip to the studio tour and I am so excited I might pop. Here are some pictures from last time, when Lauren and I panicked and decided we had to go before I went away to Italy, in case it closed. HA.

Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”