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Spinster Rambling Club: an update

Last week, I posted about the walking club I’d decided to set up. Sunday was our first trip out, and it was a resounding success. There were a couple of little wobbles – Katie had to grapple with train cancellations, Cornelia, Lauren and I were late because of, first, buses, and, second, an incident with some juice which will soon see me attacking my car with washing-up liquid – but other than that, it went very well indeed. Continue reading “Spinster Rambling Club: an update”

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In which I needed a hobby


Last summer, while I was in the throes of breakup misery, I decided that what I needed was to meet new people, and I also needed a hobby. Over the course of several days on holiday, we ran through all sorts of things I could do, but none of them felt quite right. Continue reading “In which I needed a hobby”


A long-overdue National Trust visit

click on the photo to visit the NT website

Now that I’m halfway through my second year of National Trust membership (which is £30 a year if you’re 13-25 years old), and Lauren is coming up for a year since joining, and we haven’t been to any since September, we figured it’s high time we visited somewhere. As Lauren had some holiday to use up, and I was home alone for a week, we picked the Wednesday of half term for our day out.

What we didn’t factor in was just how many of them would be closed.

Oops. Continue reading “A long-overdue National Trust visit”


A Winter Walk


Many of my family memories are of going on walks, but, what with my brother being away at uni, and me working some Saturdays, we don’t go on as many as we used to, except when we’re on holiday, so we took the opportunity of the post-Christmas bank holiday to go for a walk in London.

Continue reading “A Winter Walk”