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An accidental book haul for the new school year

The new school year started last week, so I’m back in central London after spending most of the holidays away. And, with that, comes the temptation of bookshops. I’m usually pretty good these days, but sometimes there’s a new release that I just can’t wait for. This week, there have been two such releases, leading to a rather substantial accidental haul.

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Book challenge #15: A book that became a movie

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The Ruby In The Smoke, Philip Pullman

Earlier this week, my girlfriend and I were discussing Sally Lockhart. I got sad that I had lent The Ruby In The Smoke and the other one of the quartet that I owned (I can’t remember which, as I got the other two out of the library more than once, and it was years ago, but The Ruby In The Smoke was my favourite) to someone when I was 11 or 12. I loved those books. Sally Lockhart was what I wanted to be when I grew up. Continue reading “Book challenge #15: A book that became a movie”